Jun 11, 2020

Get fast and robust service in a secure video call.

Now you can communicate and co-work with Grote service techs without the delay, expense, and risk of traveling. Virtual support is available in the Americas for several services:

Supplementing phone support, two-way video allows our techs to see your equipment and troubleshoot faster. Significantly reduce unplanned maintenance downtime and get the confidence that it’s been fixed right.

Make sure your fluctuating operators are trained accurately and quickly. Watch Grote techs demonstrate equipment set-up, troubleshooting fixes, and more, then repeat it back – all with real-time guidance.

Get multiple camera views of your machine in this in-depth virtual meeting before shipment. No detail is overlooked, and you hear from our techs, application specialists, and engineers as if you were with us - allowing you to reduce or eliminate your traveling team.

Machine Assessments
Schedule dedicated time with our techs for a virtual version of a preventative maintenance check. We’ll look over your machine and identify potential concerns and necessary replacement wear parts.

Be confident in the Grote solution you are considering. With virtual demos, you can watch our equipment processing your product in your operating conditions. Talk with our application specialists and techs in real-time to get answers on the equipment and results you see.

Contact Grote Company Technical Service today for phone, email, in-person, and now virtual support. We are here to support our customers in any way we can.

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Stay tuned for an announcement on when these services will be available from our European office.


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