jun. 21, 2018

The new 613 Fresh Produce Slicer is a specialty model of our long-standing 613 Multi-Slicer. It bulk slices a wide variety of fruits and vegetable, and has a variety of new design features specifically for the fresh cut industry, including: simple manual controls, flat belt exit conveyor and new stainless steel drive components.

These new features are designed to meet and exceed the latest sanitary regulations for processors, including FMSA.

“We’ve been designing equipment based on the American Meat Institute’s 10 Principles of Sanitary Design for 15 years, which allows us to be a resource for fresh cut and other customers that only now have standards and regulations to consider and adapt to,” says Grote Company CEO Bob Grote. “The 613 Fresh Produce Slicer is designed above-and-beyond the current FMSA guidance, ensuring compliance throughout the long-life of the machine.”

Get equipment specs and watch the 613 FPS in action here.

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