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Your Go-To Industrial Slicer for Multiple Food Applications

When money is tight and input costs are rising it’s important to be flexible. Repurposing your Grote industrial slicer for multiple food applications can help you expand your production or meet

When money is tight and input costs are rising it’s important to be flexible. 

Repurposing your Grote industrial slicer for multiple food applications can help you expand your production or meet changing demand with minimal capital outlay.

Smart Slicing: Do More With Your Industrial Slicer

It’s hard to know what’s next in food processing and service right now. Higher borrowing costs are making it harder to invest in new equipment while changing market conditions mean you need to stay nimble. It’s a good time to be able to do more with what you have, which makes it a great time to own or acquire a Grote industrial slicer.

Grote slicers are designed to be versatile and slice a wide range of products. With a quick and easy changeout of a few parts, you can expand your production while avoiding poor slice quality, excess waste, or increased maintenance.

One Machine, Many Applications

Consumer demand changes and you need to change with it. It makes sense to invest in flexible, reliable equipment that can evolve with your business. A single Grote multi-slicer can easily be converted to allow you to produce more of what sells.

  • Prepared and processed foods: Rising costs mean hard-working families are looking for reliable shelf-stable foods and go-to proteins like meat and cheese.
  • Ready to eat: Pre-slice the fruit, vegetable, and protein products you need for sandwich standbys and convenient grab-and-go meals.
  • Pizza: America runs on pizza — and lots of it! Slice pepperoni, ham, and cheese logs to keep more frozen aisle favorites on the shelf.

Whether you’re a bulk processor looking to spread your bets or a niche producer looking to do more with less, our equipment provides quality slicing, reliable operation, and plenty of options.

The Right Slicer for You

A Grote 613 Multi-Slicer can cleanly cut dense meats like ham.

Grote equipment can last for decades when properly maintained. All of our slicing equipment is designed to be serviceable and customizable to meet your changing needs, but our multi-slice units offer the most flexibility and adaptability over time. These machines include:

  • 613 Multi-Slicer: Our industry-favorite offline slicer provides professional quality at a lower cost and offers safety, efficiency, and hygiene in a modular, mobile unit. Great for restaurant suppliers who need flexible bulk slicing of loose product and smaller producers who want to cut and shingle at scale but aren’t ready for their own line. 
  • Fresh Produce Slicer: With quick, consistent slicing of produce from crisp onions to delicate tomatoes, this bulk slicer lets you automate your fresh-cut production so you can step up output without the risk of investing in fixed-line equipment.
  • Slicer/Applicator: More flexible and easy to maintain than ever, our fully redesigned processing line stalwart cuts and places product cleanly, consistently, and accurately. The go-to choice for operators looking to slice and apply product to sandwiches, prepared food, screens and trays with a minimum of manual handling to maximize speed, efficiency, and safety.

Built-In Customizability

At Grote we make our slicers with customizability built-in so that our equipment can meet your needs for years to come. Specifically, that means our machines are designed so that both the blades and product holders can be switched out to accommodate different-sized products with dramatically different cutting characteristics.


Grote supplies its disposable AccuBand blades in several edge configurations to give you consistently perfect slices for each specific application.

  • Knife blades for emulsified, soft products such as deli meat, cheese, and produce
  • V-tooth blades for dense meats and products like pepperoni and hard salami
  • Modified v-tooth blades for whole muscle meats with skin and tissue, such as bacon

Bacon slices that were perfectly cut with Grote's AccuBand blade.

We produce our AccuBand blades ourselves in our Columbus, Ohio facility to the same standard as all of our other original Grote equipment and parts. AccuBand blades are designed to be disposable and easy to change to maintain sanitation, featuring:

  • Hardened steel cutting edges for clean, consistent slicing
  • Proprietary beveled design
  • Consistent stocking and same-day shipping for most blades

Product Holders

Unlike our blades, which are standard parts, product holders need to be custom-made based on your machine model, production rate and application, and product specifications to ensure consistent quality slicing and to protect your machine from unnecessary wear.

Generally, product holders need to fit the size and shape of the bulk product your food is supplied in, with a tolerance of about .125 inches. You can use this guide to determine if you have the right product holder fit.

Grote has more than 50 years of experience customizing product holders to meet new slicing applications. We can customize your product holder to meet the needs of your new application.

Talk to Grote About Making Your Slicer Do More

Tough times call for smart solutions and flexible options. You’ll get both with Grote industrial slicers. Talk to us about how we can better serve your needs, whether you are:

  • Looking to access new opportunities using your existing Grote equipment or
  • A producer who is considering buying a Grote slicer to expand your existing capacity

Our highly trained engineers are ready to help you with the blade and product holder adjustments you need to get the most out of your Grote slicing equipment and can even test how your product performs with our equipment before you buy.

At the same time, our service teams remain dedicated to providing you with the same  outstanding service you would expect for the long life of any Grote product.

Contact us today to find out how converting your Grote slicer to a new application can help you get the most out of your valuable equipment investment.

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