We’re A Reliable Company and Trusted Brand

Grote Company’s long history of excellence makes us a trusted industry brand. Many of our hardworking employees have been with us for decades, providing unparalleled expertise and service. We provide peace of mind and top quality equipment to companies worldwide, including iconic global brands. Our customers trust us because we’re dedicated partners with a reputation for innovation, reliability and success.

We Manufacture Durable, Top Quality Equipment

Our skilled craftsmen put decades of experience to work to manufacture the best food slicing and assembly equipment available anywhere. Not only that, we put the same dedication into our manufactured blades and spare parts that keep equipment running in top form. Providing customers with such top quality equipment and parts heightens their ROI in a number of ways: increasing output and yield, reducing time and waste, and ensuring a completely consistent, high quality product. We focus on the features our customers need and care about, like ease-of-use, safety and sanitation. We’re proud to say our equipment is engineered and built to perform, and stand up to the rigors of repeated, heavy use. To put it simply, our equipment just works.

We Build Relationships and Provide Exceptional Service

Our strong, personal connections with our customers (from top down) are at the heart of who we are. We pride ourselves on expert and accessible service; we gladly work with customers until all challenges are solved, no matter how long it might take. We put people and face-to-face relationships first, even as we continue to innovate. We care about your business as much as you do.

We pride ourselves on friendly, exceptional service and function like an extension of your team. Contact us today to experience the Grote Company difference.

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