Vanmark Equipment sets the world’s standard in vegetable processing equipment.

Since developing the food industry’s first commercial potato peeler in 1954, Vanmark Equipment LLC has become synonymous with the highest quality industrial peeling, washing and material handling systems for the food processing industry the world over. Whether you need to peel, scrub, wash, inspect, store or handle, Vanmark Equipment has a solution.

True to its roots, Vanmark specializes in equipment for preparing potatoes for further processing into chips (crisps), French fries, and dehydrated products. Vanmark also offers solutions for processing carrots, beets and onions as well as nuts, fruits and cabbage. Headquartered in Creston, Iowa, Vanmark Equipment’s unique specialty equipment can now be found in a wide range of other industries that need to handle, scrub, wash, treat, size, peel, abrade, texture or polish products.

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