Take production to the next level with Grote's best-in-class equipment that automates various food assembly applications on your processing line. From ready and frozen meals to convenience food and snacks, ready-to-eat foods, food-to-go, and more – our machines provide:



Our equipment and slicers assemble a range of prepared food products. Many machines offer quick changeouts, allowing you to do more on the same machine.


From slice accuracy and targeting to deposit weights, our machines eliminate waste and rework while producing high-quality end products. 


Our machines and robotics offer easy and thorough changeouts and washdowns so you can get back to production fast while staying safe and sanitary.


Our enduring commitment to outstanding customer service means we're here from discovery to commissioning and throughout the entire life of your equipment.


We manufacture various equipment within food processing and regularly partner with other OEMs for perfect integration of the rest.
Choose an equipment category to learn how it will enhance your operation.


Slice and apply meat, cheese, plant-based products, and more onto food bases, passing trays and screens, and more on your processing line with accurate thickness and targeting.

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Consistently deposit condiments, sauces, wet salads, and particulate products onto sandwiches, pizzas, frozen and ready meals, and more.

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Apply cheese, IQF meats, and vegetables, and dry ingredients accurately and evenly onto baking trays, pizzas, frozen meals, ready meals, and baked goods.

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Grote's robotic solutions automate food-handling applications throughout your processing line to make a wide range of prepared foods we have decades of experience in. Applications include:

  • Feed ingredients onto the processing line
  • Pick and place food ingredients
  • Stack and lid ingredients
  • Align products for cutting and packaging
  • Pick and place end products onto packaging lines


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Grote equipment has been proven in sandwich processing for decades. Our machines are durable and easy to maintain and help you increase production, improve efficiency, and grow your business. Choose from our entire machine catalog below, or contact us to figure out the best solution for you.


613 Multi-Slicer

Enhance your commissary or food processing operation by slicing multiple food ingredients and products on the 613 Multi-Slicer.

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Border Free Topping Applicator – TruTop MC

Automate your cheese and IQF meat and vegetable topping application with even placement, precise spot targeting, and clean crusts.

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Bread Collator with Buttering Applicator

Accurately arrange and place bread slice pairs at the start of your single-lane sandwich assembly line.

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Bread Denester with Buttering Applicator

Automatically and accurately place bread slices on your two- or four-lane sandwich assembly line, ensuring the perfect start to production.

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Fresh Produce Slicer

Bulk slice a wide range of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables with no damage or cracking, up to 120 strokes per minute, per lane.

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High Speed Slicer

Bulk slice and apply food directly onto an oven belt or conveyor at up to 400 strokes per minute, per lane.

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Horizontal Bisector

Slice fresh or frozen bread in half, up to 100 pieces per minute, per lane, and transfer them to your sandwich assembly line.

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Inline Tortilla Warmer

Evenly warm tortillas and flatbreads for quality and pliability at a rate of 60 tortillas per minute, per lane.

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Modular Slicer

Slice and apply a wide range of foods onto your single-lane line with accurate targeting at up to 120 strokes per minute.

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Particulate Depositor

Consistently deposit accurate portions of wet salad products onto your food production line.

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Improve quality and increase production by precisely slicing and applying pepperoni on your pizza lines.

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Pizzamatic Linear Slicer

Slice and apply cold pepperoni directly onto your pizza line in a full pattern, on a variety of crust sizes, all in a single motion.

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Sandwich Assembly Conveyor

Enable efficient sandwich assembly with a custom conveyor designed specifically for industrial sandwich production.

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Sandwich Cutter AC60

Cleanly and accurately cut sandwiches into halves using either mechanical or ultrasonic blades.

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Slice and apply a wide range of products directly onto your food processing lines in multiple lanes with precise targeting.

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UltraDose Sauce Applicator

Evenly apply a wide range of sauces onto your multi-lane, high-production pizza lines while leaving crust edges clean.

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Universal Cutter

Use a single machine to cleanly cut any sandwich, wrap, or sub in half at up to 60 per minute.

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ValuDose Sauce Applicator

Evenly apply a wide range of sauces onto your single- or two-lane, high-production pizza lines while leaving crust edges clean.

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Volumetric Depositor

Accurately and consistently deposit, inject, and decorate any liquid or semi-liquid condiment.

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Waterfall Cheese Applicator

Automatically apply cheese to baking trays for efficient and fast cheese crisp processing with no waste.

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Waterfall Topping Applicator – TruTop Ultra

Automate high-rate and high quality application of shredded cheese, dry ingredients, and IQF ingredients onto your multi-lane pizza or tray line.

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Wrap Cutter

Cleanly cut up to 33 sandwich wraps into halves or pinwheels per minute with ultrasonic frequency and a titanium knife.

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Wrap Glue Applicator

Apply a natural liquid adhesive to up to 40 sandwich wraps per minute, per lane, for a strong seal after the assembly process.

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We've designed, manufactured, and supported top-quality, durable equipment that makes the foods our world eats for over 50 years.

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Learn more about our people-first approach to automating food processing and feeding our growing world – together.

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