Increase throughput and produce consistent slice thickness and cook of your twice-baked bread snacks.

Our versatile twice-baked bread slicers slice and apply directly onto baking sheets and trays - eliminating manual handling and increasing throughput while producing a high quality, consistent bake.

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A Grote brand industrial bread cutter.



A Step Above the Rest

Grote industrial bread slicers offer bread, chip, and cookie processors many benefits:

Slice Quality & Consistency


The AccuBand® disposable blade system helps to increase quality, consistency, and yields. It ensures a consistent, clean slice every time. Plus, the blade oil lubrication system reduces crumb waste.

Partial or Full Automation


Automate offline slicing or fully integrate slicers on your processing line to eliminate manual processes and handling.

Sanitary Design


Grote industrial bread slicers are easy to clean and sanitize for quick and thorough wash-downs. The disposable AccuBand® blades allow for quick changeouts and reduced downtime.

Top-Notch Customer Service


At Grote, we’ll help you move from manual to partially or fully automated production. We work closely with you to find the best solution for your line/operation.




Whether you need a multi-purpose modular slicer, or are looking for a high-speed industrial slicer that can produce hundreds of slices per minute, Grote has you covered. Our slicers will bulk slice and shingle as well as automatic slice and apply the product onto conveyors, toasting oven belts, and drying screens.


Industrial Slicers for a Range of Baked Bread Crisps & Cookies


  613 Multi Slicer High Speed Slicer Slicer/Applicator
  Grote's Slicer/Applicator machine.
Snapshot High-Quality Offline Bulk Slicing Bulk Slice and Apply Directly Onto an Oven Belt or Conveyor Multi-Lane Slice and Apply onto Baking Sheets
Rate 90 strokes/minute, per lane 400 strokes/minute, per lane 150 strokes/minute, per lane
# of Lanes 1 or 2 2+ 2+
Conveyor Yes Yes No; Cantilever
Slice Thickness .04-.50” (1-12.7 mm). Thicker than .5” available upon request • Single Thickness Tray: up to 1.25” (31.75 mm) 
• Individual Thickness Tray: up to 0.18” (4.8 mm)
up to .5” (12.7 mm) standard


Our slicer equipment will meet the exact needs of your operation. Independent of the model, we design our slicers for:

Grote slicer accurately slices bread onto trays

Automate Your Process and Get High-Quality Slices

Grote slicers automatically apply slices with accurate targeting. Apply bread slices directly onto baking trays, drying screens, and more – automating another step in your process and increasing production.

A close up view of Grote's Disposable AccuBand® Blade System

Disposable Blade Systems

Grote AccuBand® disposable slicer blades offer improved slice quality, optimal yields, and consistency. They also help reduce waste thanks to the oil lubrication system. We manufacture our blades at our facility in Columbus, Ohio. Learn more


613 Multi-Slicer

Enhance your commissary or food processing operation by slicing multiple food ingredients and products on the 613 Multi-Slicer.

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High Speed Slicer

Bulk slice and apply food directly onto an oven belt or conveyor at up to 400 strokes per minute, per lane.

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Slice and apply a wide range of products directly onto your food processing lines in multiple lanes with precise targeting.

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Grote Accuband® Blades

A Cut Above the Rest

Grote Company’s high quality doesn’t end with our equipment. We put the same commitment and craftsmanship into our AccuBand® blade system. Razor sharp, super strong band blades are available in several variations to give you consistently perfect slices for your specific equipment and application. Blades are disposable and easy to change out, cutting down time for resharpening and sanitation. We make all of our AccuBand® blades in our Columbus, OH facility so you have the peace of mind that comes with original Grote equipment and parts.

  • Razor sharp blades with hardened steel cutting edges provide optimal slice quality, consistency and yield
  • Proprietary beveled edges eliminate chipping and extend blade life
  • Disposable blades eliminate resharpening and simplify clean-up
  • Most blades in stock and shipped same day

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Knife Edge

Used for slicing emulsified, soft products, such as lunch meats and cheese, as well as most produce.


V-Tooth Edge

Used for slicing pepperoni, hard salami, dense products, or products with unground spice seeds.


Modified V-Tooth Edge

Used for slicing whole muscle meats with skin and tissue, such as bacon.


Sabre Tooth Edge

Used for slicing bread products.

The Grote Company Advantage

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With a personal touch and enduring commitment to our customers, we collaborate as one team to solve tough problems. We proudly serve not only the sandwich assembly lines and equipment we build, but also the people who operate and depend on them. We provide full service and outstanding support throughout the long life of our equipment.

Test Our Equipment With Your Product

We understand that food processing equipment is a large capital investment and a potential change in culture. That’s why we invite you to test our equipment with your specific products and precise operating conditions in the Grote Company Demo Facility. In the Demo Facility, located on our Columbus, OH campus and Deeside, UK, you can evaluate one piece of equipment up to a full line, in standard temperatures or in a controlled cold room – giving you peace of mind that equipment will work the way you need it to in your plant.

Ship your product for a video demonstration or visit in person to get a real-life view of how Grote Company equipment can optimize your production. Contact us to schedule a demo with your products.

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