Topping Applicators

Apply a Variety of Pizza Toppings Evenly and Efficiently

Grote Company’s pizza topping applicators evenly apply cheese, dry ingredients and individually quick frozen (IQF) meat and vegetable toppings onto your pizza line accurately and efficiently. We have high performing border free and waterfall applicators that configure to meet your exact needs.

Topping Applicator Equipment


Border Free Topping Applicator – TruTop MC

Uniform Topping Application with Clean Crusts

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Waterfall Topping Applicator – TruTop Ultra

Accurate Application with Little Waste in a Compact, Sanitary Design

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Waterfall Cheese Applicator

Accurate Application and Clean Trays with Little Waste in a Compact, Sanitary Design – Specifically Engineered for Cheese Crisps Processing

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The Grote Company Advantage

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With a personal touch and enduring commitment to our customers, we collaborate as one team to solve tough problems. We proudly serve not only the sandwich assembly lines and equipment we build, but also the people who operate and depend on them. We provide full service and outstanding support throughout the long life of our equipment.

Test Our Equipment With Your Product

We understand that food processing equipment is a large capital investment and a potential change in culture. That’s why we invite you to test our equipment with your specific products and precise operating conditions in our demo facilities. Available at both of our locations – Columbus, Ohio and Wrexham, UK – you can evaluate one piece of equipment up to a full line, in standard temperatures or in a controlled cold room – giving you peace of mind that equipment will work the way you need it to in your plant.

Ship your product for a virtual demonstration or visit in person to get a real-life view of how Grote Company equipment can optimize your production. Contact us to schedule a demo now.

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