Automate industrial sandwich making with robots

Grote Company’s robotic solutions advance our industry-leading sandwich assembly experience. Robots, end effectors, and 3D vision systems are specialized for high-care food production, designed to integrate and interface with existing lines, and have the flexibility to handle a variety of actions and applications.


Robots are Advancing Sandwich Automation

  • Perform a variety of actions at a standard rate of up to 60 actions per minute, per robot
  • Applications include: sandwich lidding and de-lidding, stacking, alignment and positioning, and skilleting into packaging
  • Integrate and interface with existing equipment
  • Choose from standalone equipment or affix to Grote’s Sandwich Cutter line
  • Hygienic food production design with rounded edges and resistance to water and washdown chemicals for quick, thorough cleaning and maintenance

Sandwich Assembly Robotics Equipment

Add a standalone robotic cell with dedicated mounting and guarding, or affix your robotic solution to Grote’s Sandwich Cutting equipment line. 


Sandwich Cutter AC60

Cut Sandwiches in Halves Cleanly and Quickly with a Custom-Fit Cutter

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Universal Cutter

Cut Sandwiches, Wraps and Subs with One Machine

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Wrap Cutter

Clean Ultrasonic Cuts of Your Sandwich Wraps

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Further automate high-volume, low-value tasks on your sandwich line with our robotic solutions. Contact us today with your application details.

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