Accurate slices and application.

Grote pizza topping slicers automatically slice and apply pepperoni and other meat, cheeses and other toppings directly onto your pizza production line.

We have over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing slicers that help you top your pizzas accurately and fast. From individual to XL-sized patterns, single lane or multiple, we have a solution for you.

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A pepperoni pizza going through a Grote pizza topping slicer machine.



A Step Above the Rest

Grote's best-in-class equipment is built for the things pizza manufacturers care about:


Accuracy & Consistency


Our slicers apply toppings in the right pattern, targeted precisely, and in an accurate and consistent thickness.

Increased Production


Whether you’re automating for the first time or enhancing your production, our slicers help you top more pizzas and reduce manual rework.

Sanitary Design


Our slicers offer simple and thorough sanitation. Disposable band blades make changeouts quick so you can get back to production fast.

Incredible Service


Our enduring commitment to outstanding customer service means we’re here when you need us, throughout the entire life of your equipment.



Pizza Topping Slicers


  Peppamatic Slicer Pizzamatic Linear Slicer Slicer/Applicator Modular Slicer Sectoring Slicer
  Grote's Peppamatic slicer. Grote's Pizzamatic Linear Slicer. Grote's Slicer/Applicator machine. Grote's Modular Slicer machine. Grote's Sectoring Slicer machine.
Snapshot Slice and Apply Pepperoni Full Patterns Accurately and Fast Slice & Apply Cold Pepperoni With Minimal Curling Slice & Apply a Variety of Food Products Configured For Your Line Fast, Single Lane Slice & Apply for Individual-Size Pizzas Quarter or Halve Product Logs for Further Slicing
Rate 45/min/lane and up (12” crust) 45/min/lane and up (12” crust) Up to 80/min/lane(12” crust) 100/min 500 logs/hr
# of Lanes 1, 2, or 3 1, 2, or 3 2+ 1 N/A
# of Slicing Heads Up to 6 Up to 6 Up to 6 1 N/A
Conveyor Integrated No; Cantilever No; Cantilever No; Cantilever N/A
Pizza Pattern Size Up to 15" (381 mm) Up to 15" (381 mm) Up to 6" (152 mm) single head Up to 12” (304 mm) tandem heads Up to 5" (127 mm) Logs 1-5" in diameter (25-127 mm)




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We offer many slicer models to address any pizza operation. Regardless of the model, our slicers are designed for:

A french bread style pizza.

Versatile Applications

Our slicers work for a wide range of food products. And we have decades of experience optimizing configurations and parts for them all.

Considering plant-based pepperoni or other analog alternatives? We do that too.

An aerial view of three pizzas of different sizes and shapes.

Pattern Sizes & Shapes

Our range of slicers accommodate all of your SKUs - from individual sized crusts to extra-large. A simple changeout can change pattern shapes in no time.

A close up view of Grote's Disposable AccuBand® Blade System

Disposable AccuBand® Blade Systems

Our OEM blades provide optimal slice quality, consistency, and yield. Simply changeout the disposable blades for quick and simple sanitation. All blades are manufactured in our Columbus, Ohio USA facility. Learn more.



Grote equipment has been proven in pizza processing for decades. Our machines are durable, easy to maintain and help you increase production, improve efficiency, and grow your business. Choose from our slicers below or contact us to figure out the best solution for you.


Modular Slicer

Flexible Slice & Apply with Accurate Targeting for Your Single-Lane Needs

More Info


Slice & Apply Pepperoni Accurately, Consistently & Fast

More Info

Pizzamatic Linear Slicer

Slice & Apply Cold Pepperoni With Minimal Curling

More Info

Sectoring Slicer

Quarter or Halve Product Logs Efficiently for Further Slicing

More Info


Precisely Slice & Apply a Variety of Food Products to Your Processing Line

More Info

The Grote Company Advantage

Learn More

With a personal touch and enduring commitment to our customers, we collaborate as one team to solve tough problems. We proudly serve not only the sandwich assembly lines and equipment we build, but also the people who operate and depend on them. We provide full service and outstanding support throughout the long life of our equipment.

Test Our Equipment With Your Product

We understand that food processing equipment is a large capital investment and a potential change in culture. That’s why we invite you to test our equipment with your specific products and precise operating conditions in our demo facilities. Available at both of our locations – Columbus, Ohio and Deeside, UK – you can evaluate one piece of equipment up to a full line, in standard temperatures or in a controlled cold room – giving you peace of mind that equipment will work the way you need it to in your plant.

Ship your product for a virtual demonstration or visit in person to get a real-life view of how Grote Company equipment can optimize your production. Contact us to schedule a demo now.



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