At Grote Company, we design, manufacture, and support industrial food processing equipment that automates your operation - increasing output, improving yields and quality, and replacing hard-to-find labor. 

Our high-quality equipment is used by leading local and global brands in the frozen pizza, sandwich, food-to-go, and other industries.

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Targeted sliced meat and cheese on deli meat slicer

The Grote Difference

Manufacturing high-quality food processing equipment is only part of the Grote difference. We seek to build long-lasting relationships dedicated to helping our customers solve their toughest production challenges.

We achieve this through a five-step process:

Discovery—We sit down and listen to the challenges or problems that you’re trying to solve. We’ll ask questions about your operation while defining clear objectives and identifying potential opportunities that will make the greatest impact on your production—and bottom line.

Design—We know the food processing industry inside and out—and that gives us a unique perspective to make intelligent suggestions as we design a viable solution that meets or exceeds your requirements.

Build—We build our equipment from scratch to your exacting specifications. High-quality materials and rigorous in-house testing help to ensure your new equipment is ready to be quickly installed the minute it reaches your facility.

Installation—Once your new equipment is delivered, our experienced and professional technicians will be there to install and provide key training for your team members. Our complimentary next-day operation oversight and periodic follow-ups help to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Exceptional Customer Support—Our field technicians and dedicated customer service teams are here for you when you need us. From product support to ordering replacement parts, Grote is there to help.


Industries We Serve

Food processing companies looking to increase production while reducing waste can benefit from our wide line of equipment. We develop highly customized solutions for and work with customers in the following food processing industries:

  • Industrial Food Processors
  • Pizza Manufacturers
  • Fresh & Frozen Sandwich Manufacturers
  • Food To Go Manufacturers
  • Prepared Food Manufacturers
  • Private Label Food Processors & Copackers
  • Wholesale Food Suppliers
  • Central Kitchen/Commissaries
    • Foodservice
    • K-12 & College
    • Government & Military
    • Correctional Facilities
    • Retail & Grocery 
  • Deli Meat & Cheese Processors
  • Fruit & Vegetable Processors
  • Bakery Processors
  • Snack Processors
  • Jerky Producers
  • Whole Muscle Meat Processors
  • Pre-cooked Bacon Processors
  • Plant-Based Meat & Cheese Processors


Grote industrial meat slicers performing bulk whole muscle slicing.

Our Company

Grote is a family company. We believe in partnering with our customers and our enduring commitment to helping them grow and be successful.


We have decades of experience specializing in these food processing equipment categories.




Scale your frozen pizza production and eliminate waste with equipment that automates accurate sauce depositing, pizza topping slicing, and applying cheese and IQF ingredients.



Fully automate sandwich making with fixed equipment and robotics, from the start to depositing and slicing ingredients, assembling and aligning sandwiches with hygienic robots, and cutting the final product.



Increase capacity and slice quality with our robust line of versatile slicers – from multi-purpose offline machines for commissaries and growing brands to industrial high-speed multi-lane models.

The Grote Company Advantage

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We've designed, manufactured, and supported top-quality, durable equipment that makes the foods our world eats for over 50 years.

And we promise to use that expertise to guide and support you through every step of a project – from discovery to the years and decades in the field. We call it "enduring commitment."

Learn more about our people-first approach to automating food processing and feeding our growing world – together.

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