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Nov 10, 2022

What Does 2023 Hold for the Food Processing Industry?

As the curtain begins to close on 2022, the only thing that businesses in the food processing industry can count on is – uncertainty. How should food processors look ahead to 2023 under these uncertain conditions? Here are six variables to watch. ...

Mar 09, 2022

How to Calculate Pizza Production Topping Line Equipment Payback and ROI

Pizza production topping line equipment will help increase yields, improve productivity, cut down on waste, and ultimately lead to higher profits. However, how exactly do you determine your return on ...

Aug 12, 2022

A Look At the Frozen Pizza Production Process

Frozen pizzas are a marvel of convenience, technology, and modern manufacturing processes. Their popularity and sales continue to rise worldwide, leading to processors to find ways to make more pizzas ...

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Aug 30, 2022

Celebrating 50 Years as Grote Company Heads Into the Future

Grote Company is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Read reflections from our CEO, Bob Grote, on our company history, how special it is for a family-owned and managed business to reach this milestone and the core values that will continue to lead us into the future. ...

Dec 01, 2022

Grote Receives Milestone Achievement Award for Reaching Its 50th Anniversary from Conway Center for Family Business

We’re proud to share that Grote Company was honored with the Milestone Achievement award forreaching its 50th anniversary in business. The honor was bestowed by the Conway Center for Family Business ...

Mar 25, 2022

The Food Processing Industry Needs Automation to Succeed

A long list of concerns continues to keep businesses in the food processing industry on their toes. Inflation. Supply chain issues. Hiring challenges. The pandemic. However, a connective opportunity runs through these four: automation. ...

Jun 19, 2022

613 Multi-Slicer

Grote's 613 Multi-Slicer tackles a variety of slicing applications, including bulk slicing, stacking and shingling into portions. ...

Jun 19, 2022


At the center of every Grote slicer is our patented AccuBand® cutting system. AccuBand® cuts with a 1/2″ wide, razor-sharp, disposable band blade running continuously between two pulleys. ...

Jun 19, 2022


The Grote Border Free Topping Applicator (TruTop MC45) evenly applies shredded cheese, dry ingredients and individually quick frozen (IQF) meats and vegetables onto single lane pizza or prepared meal line. ...

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Jun 19, 2022

613 Multi-Slicer


Jun 19, 2022

AccuBand Blade System


Jun 19, 2022
Topping Applicators

Border Free Topping Applicator – TruTop MC


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