Machine Set-Up tips

Setup your Grote Slicer for optimum performance.

Follow these simple steps to properly setup your new equipment. Please note that these steps must be followed in order for proper setup of all Pendulum Slicers.

1. Idle Side Bearing Block
a. Make sure the block is movement free
b. Check that the tension spring is in good condition

2. Blade Tracking
Lightly touch the flange on the back of both pulleys

3. Blade Guide Adjustment
.001 – .010 between the back of the blade and the bottom of the blade guide slot

4. X-Gap Adjustment
Check the chart in the manual (slice thickness plus 1/16)

5. Level the Thickness Tray
a. Side to side
b. Front to back

6. Cluster Height Adjustment
The clearance between the bottom of the product holder and the top of the blade guide at the front edge should be:
a. No less than 1/32
b. No more than 1/16

7. Stroke
a. Length
b. Centering stroke should start 1/8 before the blade and end 1/8 past the blade
c. 613 Centering – stroke should start 5/8 before the blade and end 5/8 past the blade

Setting up optional slicer features:

8. Pusher
a. Forward stroke should stop over the edge of the thickness tray by 3/32
b. Do not make contact with the blade
c. Do not use at speeds over 120 strokes per minute

9. Shuttle Conveyor
a. Product must land on the first three links of the shuttle belt
b. Do not use at speeds over 120 strokes per minute