Service Tips

Get the perfect slice every time with these simple tips.

Follow these simple steps to solve minor issues and achieve optimum results from your Grote equipment:

  • Inspect the Grote blade guide, blade pulleys and idle side blade pulley tension spring every day you operate your Grote slicer. These items have a significant influence on the quality of your slice. Review your Grote operator’s manual for settings, or contact the Grote Service Department.
  • Product temperature can influence your slice quality. Be certain to write down the product temperature range at which you get your best quality slices. Monitor your slicing temperature to assure the best possible slice quality.
  • If product thickness varies from side to side or front to back, it could be the result of one of these easy-to-fix solutions:
    • Not enough product weight in product holders: make sure the product holders are at least 2/3 full.
    • Improper loading of product: stop the machine and check the product and the product holder sizes for proper fit.
    • Blade not tracking correctly: check the blade and guide for proper alignment; re-track the blade if necessary.
    • Incorrect slice gap (x-gap): reset slice gap according to the chart in the Grote operator’s manual.
    • Thickness tray not level from side to side: place a straight edge on the Grote blade guide and reset the thickness tray level from side to side.

Still having trouble with slice quality? Contact our technical support specialists for help.