Bread Collator with Buttering Applicator

Feed Bread Slice Pairs to the Line at a Preset Speed – Ensuring the Perfect Start to your Assembly Process

The Bread Collator consistently feeds and arranges bread pairs onto the line at a programmed speed – ensuring a perfect integration with your entire sandwich assembly line. Continuous loading of bread slices allows ongoing manual debagging and feeding with no stoppage – increasing production. You control the timing release, pitch, count and production speed – making the Bread Collator a perfect fit to start your individual sandwich operation.

The optional Buttering Applicator coats butter on bread slices, creating a moisture barrier between them and other ingredients – ideal for fresh sandwiches to extend shelf life. It includes a conditioning unit with a water jacket and paddle wheel to pre-heat, condition and pump the butter, and roller applicators for even coating. 

  • Output of up to 50 pairs of bread slices per minute
  • Continuous loading of up to 9 slices of bread per lane eliminates production stoppages
  • Feeds and collates a variety of bread products, including traditional slices, rolls, muffins, bagels and more
  • Easy-to-use touch screen controls adjust timing release, pitch, count and production speed
  • Sanitary design with easily removable parts allows for quick and thorough cleaning
  • Optional Buttering Applicator coats up to 5 g of butter on bread slices, creating a moisture barrier for fresh sandwiches to extend shelf life


Enhance your sandwich assembly operation with the Bread Collator.
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Common Food Applications

bread Bread

sandwich Sandwich

Equipment Information



Product Size

Width: 3.94-4.92” (100-125 mm)
Height: 3.15-6.89” (80-175 mm)

Slice Thickness

.31-.79” (8-20 mm)


60 psi


200-575 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase

Parts & Features

  • Two-lane model
  • Sanitary design with many washdown-rated components

Service & Maintenance

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Additional Information

Optional: Buttering Applicator unit (includes conditioner/pump/water jacket/paddle wheel/applicator rollers)

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