Modular Slicer

Flexible Slice & Apply with Accurate Targeting for Your Single-Lane Needs

As the name suggests, the Modular Slicer is a flexible, modular slice and apply solution that tailors to your operation with its cantilevered design, adjustable functions and reversible left- and right-hand frame. Available in two models based on product size, it’s ideal for single-lane operations looking for fast and accurate targeting application of a sliced product directly onto your moving line.

  • Slice and apply up to 120 strokes per minute
  • Set directly over your production line and customize height and frame orientation to tailor exactly to your specific operation
  • Easy-to-use touch screen controls to adjust speed, modes and slice thickness, spacing, arrangement and counts
  • Continuous product loading reduces downtime and increases output
  • Sanitary design with easily removable parts allows for quick and thorough cleaning
  • Disposable AccuBand® band blades provide optimal slice quality, consistency and yield while eliminating resharpening and simplifying clean-up


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Enhance your food processing operation with an essential slicer.
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Common Food Applications

bacon, cookedBacon, Cooked


Lunch MeatsLunch Meats



sandwich Sandwiches

Equipment Information



Product Size

SNP-412: 4x11.81” (101.6x300 mm)
SNP-505: 5x4.8” (127x122 mm)

Slice Thickness

up to .375” (9.52 mm)


200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 Phase

Parts & Features

Service & Maintenance

Our expert customer and field service teams work hand-in-hand with you to find the solutions you need, quickly and efficiently.

  • Reach a real-life person on our Customer Service team to answer your questions or take a blade or part order.
  • Training programs get your operation up and running fast, and give your operators the know-how to keep it running

Additional Information

Contact our dedicated slicing specialists to determine if the Modular Slicer is right for you.

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