Particulate Depositor

Accurate, Consistent Depositing of Wet Salads

The Particulate Depositor deposits and accurately portions wet salad products onto your sandwich line. Its auger ensures accurate deposits and portioning by consistently moving the product down the hopper. The availability of different models and configurations with a wide range of accessories ensures it is built to your exact application. With a Particulate Depositor you get accurate, consistent deposits and higher quality sandwich products.

  • Precise volume control for a consistent deposit of wet salad products
  • Configured to meet your specific operation – with a variety of depositing heads available
  • Accurate deposits and portioning are ensured by the auger consistently moving the product down the hopper
  • Sanitary design with tool-free disassembly allows for easy, quick and thorough wash down

Particulate Depositor - equipment rendering


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Common Food Applications

sandwiches Sandwiches

Equipment Information



Pneumatic Operation

60 PSI

Deposit Weight

up to150 g standard, 250 g optional


110–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Single phase

Parts & Features

  • Heads available: Basic, Sheeting, Shut Off Gate
  • PLC and photo sensor controls for automatic actuation

Service & Maintenance

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