Volumetric Depositor

Accurate, Consistent Depositing of a Wide Range of Condiments & Liquids

The Volumetric Depositor deposits, injects and decorates virtually all types of liquid and semi-liquid condiments onto your sandwich line. The availability of different models and configurations with a wide range of accessories ensures it is built to your exact application. With a Volumetric Depositor you get accurate, consistent deposits and higher quality sandwich products.

  • Precise volume control for a consistent deposit of a range of liquids and semi-liquid condiments and products
  • Configured to meet your specific application – with two models and a variety of hoppers, nozzles and heads available
  • Sanitary design with tool-free disassembly allows for easy, quick and thorough wash down


Volumetric Depositor video

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Common Food Applications

sandwiches Sandwiches

Equipment Information



Pneumatic Operation

60 psi

Deposit Weight

Mini: 70g maximum
Mono: 150g maximum


200-575 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase

Parts & Features

  • Models available: Mini and Mono
  • Mono model can deposit some particulate products. Contact our specialists for more details.
  • Heads available: Basic, Rise & Fall (customized per application)
  • PLC and photo sensor controls for automatic actuation

Service & Maintenance

Our expert customer and field service teams work hand-in-hand with you to find the solutions you need, quickly and efficiently.

  • Reach a real-life person on our Customer Service team to answer your questions or take a blade or part order.
  • Training programs get your operation up and running fast, and give your operators the know-how to keep it running

Contact our dedicated slicing specialists to determine if the Volumetric Depositor is right for you.

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