Waterfall Topping Applicator – TruTop Ultra

Accurate Application with Little Waste in a Compact, Sanitary Design

The TruTop Ultra Waterfall Topping Applicator accurately applies shredded cheese, dry ingredients, and individually quick frozen (IQF) meats and vegetables onto your pizza or tray line. Its pyramid frame and compact footprint efficiently and evenly apply product across the entire belt with less than 1% floor waste. Load cells and PID control ensure consistent accuracy by monitoring product weight and automatically making belt speed adjustments. The Waterfall Applicator’s sanitary design – featuring easily-removable belts and flip up guarding, and up to 96 hours between sanitation cycles – drastically reduces downtime.

  • High production across multiple lanes
  • Consistent deposit accuracy with automatic adjustments from load cells and closed loop PID control
  • Less than 1% floor waste
  • Compact footprint with tightly integrated three-belt recirculation system and pyramid frame
  • Sanitary design with tool-less removable belts and guarding, and up to 96 hours between sanitation cycles



Automate your pizza topping line with a trusted, core piece of equipment.
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Common Food Applications


IFQ IngredientsIQF Ingredients



Equipment Information




60 psi


208-480 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase

Parts & Features

  • Load cell technology (IP69K)
  • Three-belt recirculation system
  • Cantilevered, pyramid frame design
  • Recipe-driven control system

Service & Maintenance

Our expert customer and field service teams work hand-in-hand with you to find the solutions you need, quickly and efficiently.

  • Reach a real-life person on our Customer Service team to answer your questions or take a blade or part order.
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  • Bi-annual flat-rate service plans allow you to plan your scheduled service costs in advance and provide the flexibility of scheduling as many or as little appointments as you need

Additional Information

  • 34” (863.4 mm) and 42” (1066.8 mm) models available
  • Metered product feed conveyor to hopper
  • Brush kit to clean trays for cheese crisp and other baking applications

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