Industrial Eggplant Slicers

Get quality, consistent, clean round and plank cuts of your eggplants for further cooking.

Grote’s slicers increase production and slice quality for eggplant in a range of applications, from bulk slicing for foodservice to slice and apply onto cooking belts for prepared frozen or ready-to-eat meals. Our patented AccuBand® disposable band blades cut through eggplant cleanly and without bruising – for both round medallions and long planks. Equipment ranges from modular machines up to multi-lane, cantilevered models that slice and apply directly onto your conveyor. Continuous loading and gravity feed design increase yield and keep your production up without stoppages.


613 Multi-Slicer

Bulk slice, stack, and shingle a range of food products. This offline modular slicer is perfect for your food service or processing facility.

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Fresh Produce Slicer

Bulk Slice a Wide Range of Fresh Cut Fruits and Vegetables

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Precisely Slice & Apply a Variety of Food Products to Your Processing Line

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Grote Accuband® Blades

A Cut Above the Rest

Grote Company’s high quality doesn’t end with our equipment. We put the same commitment and craftsmanship into our AccuBand® blade system. Razor sharp, super strong band blades are available in several variations to give you consistently perfect slices for your specific equipment and application. Blades are disposable and easy to change out, cutting down time for resharpening and sanitation. We make all of our AccuBand® blades in our Columbus, OH facility so you have the peace of mind that comes with original Grote equipment and parts.

  • Razor sharp blades with hardened steel cutting edges provide optimal slice quality, consistency and yield
  • Proprietary beveled edges eliminate chipping and extend blade life
  • Disposable blades eliminate resharpening and simplify clean-up
  • Most blades in stock and shipped same day

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Knife Edge

Used for slicing emulsified, soft products, such as lunch meats and cheese, as well as most produce.


V-Tooth Edge

Used for slicing pepperoni, hard salami, dense products, or products with unground spice seeds.


Modified V-Tooth Edge

Used for slicing whole muscle meats with skin and tissue, such as bacon.


Sabre Tooth Edge

Used for slicing bread products.

See our high-performing produce slicers in action.

The Grote Company Advantage


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