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Sep 04, 2019

Grote Launches Robotic Sandwich Assembly

Robots advance sandwich assembly automation with applications including lidding, stacking and more.

Grote Company is excited to bring robotics to our industry-leading sandwich assembly line – furthering automation and improving throughput and quality for producers.

Robots, end effectors, and 3D vision systems are designed to the hygienic standards of high-care food production, integrate and interface with existing equipment lines, and are flexible to handle a variety of actions. Equipment is available as standalone machines or affixed to our Sandwich Cutter line.

“Robotics is obviously a big part in further automating food production, as demand grows with the population and manual labor continues to be limited. What we haven’t seen much of yet is robotics in high-care,” says CEO, Bob Grote. “With over 45 years of food industry experience, we’re confident in bringing robots to the applications we know extensively. To Grote, robots add another option to our automation equipment offering.”

Read the full release here.

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