Jan 12, 2023

How to Extend the Life of Your Industrial Slicer Equipment

With proper care and maintenance, quality industrial slicer equipment is designed to last a long time. But with capital costs skyrocketing, owners are looking to get even more out of the machinery

With proper care and maintenance, quality industrial slicer equipment is designed to last a long time. 

But with capital costs skyrocketing, owners are looking to get even more out of the machinery they have. 

Here’s how to upgrade your slicer equipment to meet the latest industry safety and hygiene specifications as well as the needs of your customers for years to come.

Keep Slicing With Quality Equipment and Smart Upgrades

Some things never change. With a little care and regular maintenance, premium food processing machinery like Grote’s industrial slicing equipment will keep doing what it’s made to do for decades. With robust design features, quality materials, and precision engineering, there’s very little to limit the potential use-life of your original Grote equipment.

That said, some things do change over time, and often for the better. Advances in electronics and hydraulic controls bring improved efficiency and safety, while higher health and hygiene  standards demand changes in how we handle foodstuffs. Plus, changing market and customer needs mean even the best legacy equipment may not cut it in today’s food processing industry.

Here’s what you need to know to keep your industrial slicer machinery humming, so you can do more with the equipment you already have.

When Can Slicing Equipment Be Upgraded?

While you’re right to expect years of service when you buy industrial-grade food processing equipment, there are some practical limits to how long machinery can be used. There are two key reasons for this.

The need to replace hydraulic systems, improve controls, and eliminate aluminum surfaces means that many industrial slicing machines more than 30 years old can often no longer be upgraded to current industry standards.On the other hand, most industrial slicing equipment between 15 and 20 years old can be readily updated with modern controls. 

Regardless of age, Grote industrial slicers are also designed to be reconfigurable to handle different food applications.

How Much Does Upgrading Cost?

Deciding whether to upgrade your existing machinery or splash out on new equipment is a major investment decision, especially in today’s economic climate. While new machinery will allow you to optimize equipment to your current needs, upgrading and reconfiguring your equipment can free up cash to invest in other areas of your business.

Ham and cheese that has been perfectly sliced by a Grote 613 Multi-Slicer.

Specifics vary from machine to machine, but the typical outlay on new slicing equipment for a full-size processing line can run around $200,000. And while there is no one-size-fits-all price for retrofits, by contrast, Grote engineers have been able to upgrade and reconfigure existing equipment to perform similar functions for as little as $75,000.

What Does Upgrading Involve?

At Grote, we offer three types of upgrades to allow your slicer to continue to perform at its peak and meet the changing needs of your business.

  • Control Upgrade Package: This is a fully electronic upgrade that replaces control equipment on Grote units that are no longer supported by the third-party vendor.
  • Hydraulic to Control Conversion: Replaces legacy hydraulic systems with newer electro-mechanical control systems to improve reliability and efficiency.
  • Machine Reconfiguration: Mechanical conversions to allow your slicer to handle different foodstuffs from those it was originally configured for.

Reconfiguring Your Machine

For machine reconfigurations, we work closely with you to match machine specifications to your new requirements. This typically involves:

  • Replacing existing AccuBand blades with blade edges optimized to cut your product consistently and cleanly.
  • Customizing the product holders on your machine for your new product so it can be sliced safely, efficiently, and consistently without excess wear on your equipment.

Learn more about how you can use your Slicer for multiple applications.  

We can help you plan your machine reconfiguration by testing your products with our equipment at one of our in-house equipment demo centers. Contact Grote to arrange a remote or in-person equipment demonstration using your product.

How Do I Decide When to Upgrade or Buy Machinery?

For any food processor or bulk caterer, changing your processing line is a major decision. Still, it may be time to consider upgrading, reconfiguring, or replacing your slicing equipment if:

  • Your product is no longer sliced cleanly, consistently, and to specification
  • You are experiencing more downtime and higher maintenance costs
  • You are unable to adjust your equipment to meet your requirements
  • You need to automate more to make up for staff shortages
  • You are no longer equipped to meet your customers’ needs
  • Your equipment doesn’t meet modern safety or sanitation standards

Replacing your slicing equipment is a major capital investment which is why Grote’s slicing equipment is designed to be upgraded and reconfigured. If you’re not ready to make the leap to an all-new system, we can help you get a longer life out of your existing slicing equipment.

We offer:

  • Inspections and health checks to ensure your equipment is meeting both food safety requirements and your own production specifications
  • Modifications and upgrades to optimize or reconfigure your equipment
  • Electrical rebuilds to equip older machinery for many more years of service

Grote Makes Food Making Better

All Grote Equipment is designed to deliver years of optimal service. Our slicing machines, and in particular our versatile 613 Multi-Slicer and Slicer/Applicator, are designed to be both upgradable and reconfigurable.

Industrial Slicer Equipment, like the Grote Fresh Produce Slicer, slices vegetables cleanly every time.

Whether you’re looking to recondition or reconfigure your existing Grote equipment, adapt a used Grote machine to your needs, or buy leading-edge new equipment, we’re with you every step of the way.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help meet your changing needs as a food maker.

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