Slice & Apply Pepperoni Accurately, Consistently & Fast

The Peppamatic slices and applies pepperoni directly onto your pizza line, in a variety of patterns and crust sizes. Precise targeting provides consistent accuracy and product quality. Our patented AccuBand® razor sharp, strong band blades cut through product cleanly. The Peppamatic’s user-friendly operation and sanitation allow for fast set-up, function selection and thorough cleaning.

Peppamatic – a staple in pizza production and a core piece of our Pizza Topping Line.

  • Slice and apply onto up to 45 12-inch pizzas per minute, per lane with a single-head unit
  • Single-lane, multi-lane and tandem configurations available
  • Easy-to-use touch screen panel for quick selection of a variety of functions and start/stop
  • Sanitary design with open frame and easily removable parts allows for quick and thorough cleaning
  • Disposable AccuBand® band blades provide optimal slice quality, consistency and yield while eliminating resharpening and simplifying clean-up



Automate your pizza topping line with a trusted staple slicer.
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Common Food Applications



Equipment Information



Single lane model*

Line Height

36-40” (914.4-1016 mm)


16x60” (406.4x1524 mm) 

Crust Height/Thickness

.6-2.5” (15.24 – 63.5 mm)

Slice Thickness

.04-.14” (1-3.5 mm) Finely adjust with dial indicator


200-575 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase

*Multi-lane and tandem configurations available

Parts & Features

Service & Maintenance

Our expert customer and field service teams work hand-in-hand with you to find the solutions you need, quickly and efficiently.

  • Reach a real-life person on our Customer Service team to answer your questions or take a blade or part order.
  • Training programs get your operation up and running fast, and give your operators the know-how to keep it running
  • Our field service offers a variety of options that meet your needs, including phone support, scheduled and emergency technical service available 24/7
  • We offer six month warranties on all new equipment, from the date of complete installation or (30) days after delivery, to give you peace of mind
  • Bi-annual flat-rate service plans allow you to plan your scheduled service costs in advance and provide the flexibility of scheduling as many or as little appointments as you need

Additional Information

Contact our dedicated pizza specialists to determine if the Peppamatic is right for you.

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