Universal Cutter

Cut Sandwiches, Wraps and Subs in One Machine

The Universal Cutter cuts virtually any sandwich, wrap and sub up to 12” (305 mm) in half accurately and cleanly using ultrasonic blades. Its flexible design allows you to cut all your SKUs on one machine – reducing cost and increasing efficiency. The razor sharp, titanium blade cuts softer products cleanly and precisely, with the help of high frequency ultrasonic vibrations that create a friction-free surface. Its user-friendly operation and sanitation allow for fast set-up, usage and thorough cleaning.

  • Standard rate of up to 60 sandwiches per minute; faster rates available depending on application
  • Straight or angled single cuts
  • Cuts cleanly through virtually any sandwich product – bread, meat, cheese, wet salads and produce – and format
  • Sanitary design with easily removable parts allows for quick, thorough cleaning and maintenance
  • Ultrasonic frequency generator and titanium knife produce clean, consistent cuts with virtually no knife abrasion

universal cutter for sandwich products



Create the perfect cut for all your sandwich SKUs with the Universal Cutter. Request a custom demo with your product in our facility today.

Common Food Applications

sandwiches Sandwiches

sandwiches Wraps

Equipment Information



Product Size

Width: up to 12” (305 mm)
Length: up to 12” (305 mm)
Height: up to 2.95” (75 mm)


60 PSI


380-415 VAC, 50 Hz, 3 Phase

Parts & Features

  • Ultrasonic blade
  • Straight or diagonal half (single) cuts
  • Left- or right-hand frame orientation
  • Allen Bradley PLC and operator interface standard
  • Sanitary design with many washdown-rated components

Service & Maintenance

Our expert customer and field service teams work with you to find the solutions you need quickly and efficiently. View all services here

  • Reach a real-life person on our Customer Service team to answer your questions or take a blade or part order.
  • Training programs get your operation up and running fast, and give your operators the know-how to keep it running
  • Our technical service offers a variety of options that meet your needs, including phone and virtual support, scheduled and emergency field service available 24/7
  • Bi-annual flat-rate service plans allow you to plan your scheduled service costs in advance and provide the flexibility of scheduling as many or as little appointments as you need

Additional Information

Contact our dedicated specialists to determine if the Universal Cutter is right for you.

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