Get high-quality OEM band blades for the slicers you know and trust

Our disposable AccuBand® blade system is designed precisely for our slicers and a variety of applications, so you get optimal slicing and the quality you've come to expect. And our experienced team is here to test and guide you to find the exact blade you need.

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Grote's OEM replacement food slicer blades offer a wide range of benefits:


Unmatched Expertise


Grote has over 50 years of experience—we know which OEM blades work best for each machine, food sliced, and speed of work. Non-OEM blade suppliers cannot provide that type of advice.

Ease of Maintenance


Change out disposable band blades in minutes, reducing downtime for resharpening and sanitation.

High Quality & Dependability


AccuBand blades give you clean cuts, and optimal quality, consistency, and yield, for all food products. Proprietary beveled and hardened edges eliminate chipping and extend blade life.

Outstanding Service


Our enduring commitment to outstanding customer service means we’re here when you need us, throughout the entire life of your equipment.





Food Applications Emulsified, soft products, such as lunch meats, cheese, and most produce. Pepperoni, hard salami, dense products, or products with unground spice seeds. Whole muscle meats with skin and tissue, such as bacon. Bread products.
Machines All Grote slicer models All Grote slicer models All Grote slicer models All Grote slicer models
Material Carbon steel or stainless steel Carbon steel Carbon steel Carbon steel
Specs (Width x Thickness) Length is dependent on slicer model. .492 x .020“ .510 x .020” .510 x .020” .510 x .020” 5/8 x .022” - 2TPI 5/8 x .016” - 3TPI
Qty. 25/box 25/box 25/box 25/box
Shipping Same day shipping available Same day shipping available Same day shipping available Same day shipping available

Still not sure what blade you need? Contact us and we'll find the exact blades for your machine and operation.




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Blade Support You Need

Maintenance Training & Support

Disposable band blade changeouts take minutes - reducing downtime and simplifying sanitation. Watch this video on how to easily install an AccuBand blade on a 613 Multi-Slicer. Visit our equipment support pages for more maintenance training videos and resources.

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Made in the USA, Readily Available Worldwide

All AccuBand band blades are manufactured at our Columbus, Ohio USA headquarters. We have inventory in our Deeside, UK and Netherlands facilities for quick delivery to our European customers. Regardless of where you're located, blades are shipped same or next day to keep your operation running. Ask us about our subscription options for regular shipments and spare inventory.


With a history spanning more than five decades, Grote is a trusted expert in crafting durable and long-lasting food processing equipment, blades, and slicer parts. Our blades are carefully crafted for optimal efficiency and dependability, reflecting our commitment to excellence in design and manufacturing.

Competitor blades may be cheaper, but they don’t make their replacement blades specifically for Grote slicers, so they may be made to slightly different specifications. For example, if the blade isn’t exactly the correct length, it can cause significant issues such as incorrect tension, increased maintenance costs, and more downtime.

People often blame machines for downtime, but when investigated, the non-OEM blades were the actual cause of the breakdown. While unlikely, if Grote blades malfunction, we are committed to finding the root cause through raw material and lot tracking and onsite technical support if needed.

We also stock a very large inventory of replacement industrial slicer blades. As such, orders typically ship within one day. We also offer a subscription/auto-ship program that makes it extremely easy for you to have a continuous supply of blades.

If you want to use your slicer for a new purpose, competing blade manufacturers won’t be able to provide advice regarding the style or type of blades needed. Grote will take the time to understand your challenge and offer the right solution.


The Grote Company Advantage


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With a personal touch and enduring commitment to our customers, we collaborate as one team to solve tough problems. We proudly serve not only the slicers we build, but also the people who operate and depend on them. We provide full service and outstanding support throughout the long life of our equipment.


Test Our Equipment With Your Product

We understand that food processing equipment is a large capital investment and a potential change in culture. That’s why we invite you to test our equipment with your specific products and precise operating conditions in our demo facilities. Available at both of our locations – Columbus, Ohio and Deeside, UK – you can evaluate one piece of equipment up to a full line, in standard temperatures or in a controlled cold room – giving you peace of mind that equipment will work the way you need it to in your plant.

Ship your product for a virtual demonstration or visit in person to get a real-life view of how Grote Company equipment can optimize your production. Contact us to schedule a demo now.

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